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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  August 25, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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it's an all new show today with great viral videos "right this minute." cameras catch a kid rolling up on his bike -- >> oh, wait, what's that in his hand? >> see why it's a calling card of the chilling kind. >> you little -- >> oh. >> jerk. a lion with a lady friend doesn't like being >> hey, i'm on a date. >> why people on this walking tour better run. >> back! a pilot with troubles tries to land -- >> we're good. we're good. we're good. >> but see the moment that good turns bad. plus, internet gold. with a guilty dog, one chewed up shoe. >> huh?
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how to -- >> eat an ice cream cone. >> once you do one lick, you're going to turn. >> the step by step to a proper technique and what happens when we get the guys to try it. >> i'll just go about it like i normally do. >> no! >> that will get you a second date. the kids will be kids, oh, they're just kids thing has gotten out of control recently. i've had enough. >> i agree. >> adult things? >> trouble. >> yeah. >> there are consequences. >> yes. >> well, this 12-year-old boy in china, is being a kid, rides his bike, pullsp on a car. oh, wait, what's that in his snand anybody got a light. >> you little jerk. >> what? >> wow. >> he's an arsonist. >> and the car is set on fire. >> this kid like a little gang member or something?
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motive behind it was. initially they say the boy was playing with fire. >> that's awesome. >> he said he was just having fun. >> what? >> there's no word on what the exact consequences are, but the car other than and the child's parents have come to an understanding. >> what ching. >> somebody should keep an eye on tuy in ukraine. >> he basically blocked off the road near his holiday home. he doesn't like the trucks and cars and the traffic are interrupting his peace. >> does he have a molotov cocktail? >> yes, he does. there you see the authorities closing in on him. >> it looks like they're trying to contain him. he runs off in that brush and then suddenly you just see everybody start to run back. >> oh! >> what a dummy. >> he tosses it. >> that's dangerous. >> these poor cops really could have been burned by that.
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snatch him up. >> when i finally get the opportunity to go on a safari in africa, i'm not going to do the walking safari because i think i want the protection of a vehicle around. >> these people were on a walking tour in the cougar national park and they said that. that lion right there and that lady were having a bit of bliss. and they really don't like being interrupted so the dude got up and decided to stroll over to the humans and let them know, >> i'm still stuck on a walking tour. >> exactly. >> no. i was in the cougar national park and they offered these. >> you do see the people standing there as this lion does a mark charge towards them. >> it looks like he is a teenager. his mane hasn't folly come in. he is practicing showing off. >> back! >> i'm surprised how that one guy stood his ground, though. he didn't move. >> i like the guy with the
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photograph. >> he did get a cool picture. he said what he didn't get on the video was the action after this. they said another lion decided to get close to them and charge them and they ended up having to air lift that lion to another part of the park so it wouldn't charge humans on walking tours. >> why you walking in my yard? it's a problem. >> back! close call. they're always we see them. ve coming in for a landing. this pilot already recorded a mechanical issue on takeoff. gets in nice and low, trying to get land it as nice as possible, we're good, we're good, we're good -- we're not good. >> what happened? he seemed to have it? >> he did. he was so close. the pilot reported a front wheel mechanical issue on takeoff.
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purposefully set it down in the dirt section of this runway. to maybe let that front wheel slip. there were three people on board that plane. here is some of the aftermath. >> oh. happy to report that all three people were okay. two were taken to the hospital but released. that could have been a lot worse. as is the case for this next video, police calling this 14-year-old boy, stupid. >> oh. >> you see him running down the platform there. then you see him cross the tracks right in front of a moving train. >> oh! >> so stupid. >> and lucky that is a very definition of lucky. >> he is trying to get on that train. >> yeah. >> he was worried he was going to miss the train. this incident happened back in 2013, though. the video just being released as part of another safety campaign
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train. he is lucky the train missed him. >> this is a pretty spectacular video. this is awesome. it's just on the island. this building used to house the first water pump in the island. built in 1903. you of course can see it's seen better days. ruben goes by the tag robita. decides to just sort of gently gets to the front of the building, getting to the pinnacle. then we get to enjoy the music. the wonderful sun. everything else. because it's a stunning void owe. >> it's pretty cool. >> it's so funny. it's so pretty it's making us
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on the precipice of disaster on a building that was built 100 years ago falling to pieces quite obviously and none of us seem to care that he's in danger. >> i agree with you, nick. we are distracted from the danger because it is just stunning. getting a lot of attention over in europe and popping up a little bit now in the states just ahead in today's all new videos. she struggled with her weight until a traumatic event moved her to make a change. >> in two years, she lost 200 pounds. >> how did i do it? the hard way. >> but find out why her inspirational journey isn't quite over yet. and setting up a prank to make a splash. >> i'm filling up a punch just in case. >> see what happens when
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from a gas station is absolutely horrifying. they pulled into the sfags. the attendant is pumping gas. there you see them possibly exchanging something, maybe money? >> holy cow. >> when suddenly a man comes rushing towards the car and there you see him tugging at the passenger when the driver hops out, he pulls out a gun, runs over and puts it up to the driver's head. the driver has his hands up. the passenger steps out. >> are you kidding me? the couple just walks straight away. that's it. i guess our nice corvette is gone. >> and -- >> why get out of the car, though? >> put it in drive and smash the guy and get out of there. >> exactly. >> they did have guns. when someone is callous enough to pull a move like that, you
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this is nicole. when she was 8 years old she said she started putting on weight. when she was 12, she said she was officially obese. but at age 26, she decided to change her life. she had been overweight for so long and her heaviest she was 400 pounds. she said, two critical things happened to make her change. one, her boyfriend took his own life and, two, and she said at that point she changed. >> i have literally tried everything. weight loss drugs, gyms, exercise programs. i even adigsed for the biggest loser. i'm a really determined person and i he never given up on my goal of overcoming this massive goal of obesity. >> first she decided to workout, do something. >> how did i do it? the hard way. discipline and hard work. >> second, she decided to change
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in advance. >> i also accepted that i had to change the way i ate, so i became a dedicated meal prepper. >> if you stuck too it. the magic cure is eat right and do exercise. you can have everything you want. >> that was the key. in two years she lost 200 pounds. >> initially i was elated. i went cliff diving, zip lining. i fit into one airplane seat. >> but she has another challenge. she has the extra weight she needed to get rid of. >> i had 20 excess skin. turns out skin doesn't snap back. >> she said she needs to get rid of that stomach so she can look like she wants to in her wedding dress, so it costs $30,000 to have that surgery, but she says she's not giving up and still going to try. >> she does have a go fund me page and has well over $7,000 towards her goal to get this done.
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likes, i will take this water balloon, wait for an unsuspecting stranger and i'll just take thist sidewalk. >> you know, se people think they're really clever. clever and funny. alex thinks this prank is real funny. >> but a previous video he said, hey f you video, 5,000 time'm to water balloon somebody walking down the street. >> would you look at that. look at the like count. look at it. guess what, today we are going to b [ bleep ]. >> i don't like it. >> i know. >> i know. >> you hit me with a water balloon, we have a problem. >> exactly. >> i know that you guys are probably beginning to want to dislike this because it's an "right this minute" move. remember, you are the ones that made me do this. >> so it's everyone else's fault, not his. he wouldn't have done it if it weren't for you.
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>> he throws a water balloon and it throws right on that girl's head. >> this is why you don't let the internet make decisions for you. >> uh-huh. >> thanks [ bleep ]. so what's this bear up to? >> that ought to be in a circus. >> i've stheen in a circus. >> next "right this minute." till to come -- somebody is in trouble but -- >> you don't have to guess who the guilty party is. >> see the adorable way one of these pups puts his shame on display.
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but the video is very, very different. >> yee-haw. >> i love the 360 view. >> right. >> oh, basically a revisit by team supertramp. devin went out there back in 2011 and shot one of his most famous videos. that one went super viral. people loved it. and so he thought, now is the perfect time to go back with his samsung 360 and do t over again. >> whoa. >> this girl getting stretched out, pulled to the brink and then pow. >> she is going to need a new nose. >> that's what's so great about the 360 videos. >> you can spin all around and watch everybody. now the other really cool part here, they put one of the samsung gear 360 cameras on the drone so they can fly it over
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perspectives, of course. devin put out a behind the scenes video. pretty neat stuff by our buddy devin supertramp. if you want to see this video in its entirety and mez around with the 360 or behind the scenes video go to or check it out on our mobile app. ?ds a mop when you've got this ?
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if i said it once, i've said it a thousands times. dogs know when they've done something wrong and the look on this dog's face will prove it to you because guess who the guilty party is. there are two dogs right there. >> they're both guilty. >> yeah. oh, no, the gray one. that beautiful pit bull did something it aunten. >> is that a shoe. >> it was an inner sole. but the inner sole is now partly soleless. daniel martino is a gray pit bull has guilt on its face. the other dog is like, i guess i got to turn my head in shame, too. >> it's called solidarity. if your bro is in trouble, you hang in there with him. >> oh, wait, what's really funny is how the pit bull tries to hide. >> the dog turns completely around. tried to hide behind the dog that's twice as small as it.
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guilty. >> look how cute we are. >> gray dog is like, i'm going to hide behind this pot of clay. >> using natural camouflage, blending in with the wall. i'm not even here. this guy has some sweet for -- >> how to properly and like a gentleman eat an ice cream cone. >> you need to make sure that you maintain control. >> see his dos and don'ts for enjoying your treat
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know if it will ?
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gentlemen because i've got a little lesson for you. this one coming from the i-am-alpha-youtube channel. >> the ice cream cone. >> is going to teach you how to properly and like a gentleman eat an ice cream cone. >> you finally have the ka hoenies to ask out that spicy senior rita in accounting. >> first of all -- >> can't ima you were spicy. >> no. the only thing that's spicy is your food. they have attitude especially when you tell them they're spicy. >> you're going eat an ice cream cone, you need to know how to do it like a gentlemen. >> this is incorrect way of doing it. >> huh? >> the straight up and down long tongue. >> the bite. >> also, not appropriate. >> hang on. we can't lick it. we can't bite it. what can duo? >> from the cone, you're going
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>> huh? >> don't ever close your eyes when you're looking. >> keep them open. >> ice cream, please. >> what? >> there's no escape. >> i know. >> these are chocolate covered, so it's a littl edifferent. >> this is the pro etiquette if you're eating ice cream with your wife. honey, would you like one? >> you're so sweet. >> trust me, you're getting lucky. >> seasons i wasn't paying attention to m go about it like i normally do. >> no! >> that will get you a second d date. >> swallow, nick. >> you now know how to eat an ice cream cone like a gentleman. ? >> that's it. you're all caught up on the best internet videos of the day.
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of "righ
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tauheed: tonight, the sweet 16 concludes... -are you rdy? last shot, to punch their ticket to the quarterfinals. that keeps the strategy pretty simple. take what we have, drive forward -- bang. tauheed: stepping into the box, the baddest bot in the battlebox, taking on a young gun. all of my matches are gonna end in knockouts. man: let the bot battle begin. -- captions by vitac -- tauheed: the tournament's two largest weapons get set to collide. man: uh-oh. uh-oh, bob! oh!


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